Autistic Like Me (ALM) is an emotionally gripping feature length documentary examining the lives of fathers and male care givers raising and caring for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Dispelling the archaic “big boys don’t cry” notion, ALM uniquely chronicles the emotional struggle of a group of fathers as they open up to one another about the fear, disappointment and ultimately the acceptance of a very different parenting experience than they had envisioned.

The film candidly captures the journeys of these families with Autism. A key takeaway being that when a child is diagnosed with Autism, the whole family is affected. What has often been overlooked is the affect it has on the fathers. Many fathers have a difficult time accepting the reality of the condition often leading to the fracturing of families. The men featured in ALM are at various stages of their journey toward that acceptance and, catalyzed by the film, are expressing emotions they’ve previously suppressed.

ALM is the centerpiece to an advocacy campaign geared to help support Fathers of autistic families.  The unvarnished communication between the men in the film is key to the healing of the fathers and ultimately the welfare of the children and families.